Practical Tips From A New Mama To Help You Through Your First Year Of Motherhood

As a new mom, reading is probably the last thing on your list. With around-the-clock feeding, cuddles, cleaning, and a seemingly endless supply of dirty diapers, you definitely don’t have time to read that 300-page baby-raising manual that’s gathering dust on your bookshelf. But you wish you did have the time, because being a first-time mom is scary! How are you supposed to know all the ins and outs of babies?

Well the answer to your prayers is here. “Mama’s Manual” by Chanelle Bauer is a short, no-nonsense guide to the first year of raising your bundle of joy (and poop). This is the kind of book that you can breeze through while burping baby or taking some much-needed mom time. Unlike the lengthy, outdated parenting guides of the past, this manual is a concise and comprehensive guide that has all the information you need. And though it’s short, it covers everything. From secrets to more effectively nurse your baby, to recommended brands and products, to educating your child, this book has it all.

About The Author

When Chanelle Bauer was pregnant with her first son, she realized that there weren’t a lot of great resources for her to turn to. And the more thorough resources (like the 300-page books we already talked about) were way too long for her to get through. As a new mom during the pandemic, she decided that she wanted to create a short yet complete guide for other new parents. And so, “Mama’s Manual” was born.

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