Stroller Tips

Here are a few quick tips on buying a stroller for your new baby:

  • Don’t be cheap. Things that cost way less than the rest of the market are that way for a reason, and it’s not to save you a lot of money. They are cheaper because they are faulty, poorly made, or are prone to break down easier. Buying a $109 stroller that breaks down after six weeks is not saving you money.
  • You want the wheels to have great suspension. Nothing worse than a bumpy ride!
  • Buy a stroller that has attachments, like a snack tray. It’s so much easier than trying to stuff everything in your purse or your pocket and then dig them back out when they are needed.
  • Make sure the seat is removable and can face both towards and away from you. Babies like to face their mommies when they are little and then prefer to face outwards. Also, it’s safer to see your baby while you are pushing him or her in their stroller.
  • Make sure there are reclining options. A cranky baby in one spot can relax with a little more or less incline.
  • Make sure it has an adjustable footrest.
  • Make sure it has good canopy protection. Baby’s skin can burn so easily, and if he wants to nap while taking a stroll, you want them to be as cool as possible.
  • Most strollers are too big for a newborn, so ensure there’s an insert for smaller-sized babies or an attachable bassinet.
  • Ensure there’s a five-point harness safety belt. God forbid a sudden stop or turnover has you lose control of the stroller. A five-point belt ensures the baby will stay in the stroller, even during a crash.
  • Make sure it’s collapsible, or else buy the biggest car in the world.
  • Speaking of cars, buying a car seat that adapts between stroller and car is a great way to save money and make the transfer from one to the other a snap, literally.

For more tips, Mama’s Manual – Practical Tips From A New Mama To Help You Through Your First Year Of Motherhood is available on Amazon HERE.